Bernhard, thank you very much and goodbye!

After 39 years of successful employment at AHLMANN-ZERSSEN, we bid farewell to our long-standing head of the transhipment/warehousing department, Bernhard Bellgardt, who has now gone into well-earned retirement.

Holger Trost, on behalf of all employees and shareholders, thanked him with grateful and humorous words for his great commitment. For decades, Bernhard Bellgardt helped to develop and support significant and successful changes in our company.

At his request, we celebrated his farewell in a small circle and wished him all the best for the new phase of his life with his family, above all the best of health.

His tasks will now be taken over by Lasse Bahnsen, who, after his training at AHLMANN-ZERSSEN, has been working in our chartering department for more than ten years - and is also already known as a competent contact for the transhipment/warehousing department.

Thus, with Lasse Bahnsen, a smooth transition and continued very good support for our customers is guaranteed.

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